How Educational Are Educational Jigsaw Puzzles?

24 Apr

A lot of companies promote their products to be educational. On the other hand, how much of this term is sales jargon and promotion and how much is true?

As an educator for how many years now, I can say with confidence that there is an educational importance in all kinds of jigsaw puzzles. The skills obtained and practiced in finishing jigsaw puzzles are an initial aspect of successful learning. Playing jigsaw puzzles will develop a lot of brain functions simultaneously while having fun and learning at the same time. Most significantly develop during the learning process are the abilities to analyze, deduce, sequence, reason and develop problem solving skills and logical thought. Physically, spatial awareness and eye to hand coordination are also needed to finish a jigsaw puzzle. Visit website here!

Placing the advantages aside, let us look specifically at the jigsaw puzzles that are being labeled as educational. These puzzles are created to teach certain learning objectives. A couple of examples of these jigsaw puzzles are solar systems and map of the world. The manufacturers tend to claim that these puzzles will teach the children those facts. What educational importance in reality do these kinds of puzzles have?

First and foremost, the level of educational value of these kinds of puzzles is contingent on how the puzzles are being utilized during the learning process. For instance, let us presume that the learning objective is to know about the geography of the earth, particularly the places of the individual states. You purchase a puzzle imagining all the sales and their place in their respective countries and have the child do it. Will the child be able to perfect the test on this one? Most likely not. I am certain that some learning will happen, on the other hand, it will be restricted and a couple of weeks later, learning will be retained. The learning process in doing this puzzle would be the same to any kinds of jigsaw puzzles. Their concentration on the states and where it fits is restricted to the process of finishing the puzzle. So as to increase the educational value of jigsaw puzzles, it must be a part of the learning process. Check out this website at and learn more about puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles these days are important especially that kids are more drawn to using gadgets. In this way, you will be able to help them maximize their learnings and mental skills, visit website here!

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